Our westernized society subsists on a high quantity, poor quality, high fat diet low in vital nutrients and fiber. It has been expressed by many experts in nutrition in many publications that Americans are the most overfed yet undernourished humans on the planet earth! The minority of us eat a balanced diet with appropriate selections from the U.S.D.A. food "pyramid"! This lack of fruits, vegetables, fiber and hence vitamins, minerals, and  micronutrients necessary for the full vital function of the healthy human body lead to disease over time!

Add to this research done over years on produce harvested in California: this documents a gradual decline over time in nutrients contained in the produce due to micronutrient and mineral depletion from overuse of soils. It is no wonder then that even those who try to eat "right" are not getting sufficient essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals to prevent disease when our basic foods are declining in nutritional value!

Therefore, a well balanced diet augmented with nutritional supplementation just makes good  basic nutritional sense! Supplementation helps prevent disease processes common to our western society.

Prevention is always far better than treatment of a disease process already destroying normal body function!

Educate Yourself about nutritional supplementation! Let us guide you on the path to better health through nutritional supplementation - Follow these links to informative pages on supplements and "neutraceuticals" to boost your new pro-health lifestyle!

What Works and What Doesn't??

Please be aware that the herbal/supplement marketplace is entirely unregulated! Thanks to the 1994 Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA), herbal products don't have to be proven safe or effective to be sold. Supplements are freely available and reasonably priced, but there is also no guarantee that the herbal product is what it says it is - buy from a recognized source that utilizes regular unbiased or outside quality control and inspection to be sure you are getting what you are paying for, and that there is minimal if any variation in the product from purchase to purchase!


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