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Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Have you been told that you're depressed when you know you're just worn out?


Can't Lose That Weight No Matter What You Do?


Areas of fat build up you can't remove with your best weight loss efforts and rigorous exercises?


Fuzzy or Foggy thinking - Can't remember things?


Trouble Sleeping?


Having Hot Flashes but Afraid of Prescription Hormone Therapy?

Welcome to my wellness practice! We can probably help you with the issues above and many more. Let us help you regain your vitality and help you Feel, Look, and BE the best you can be at your age!

Human-Identical Hormone Testing and Replacement

Our body's chemistry directly affects how we feel (tired or energetic), how we look (slender or overweight), and how we function - if a portion of our vital hormone system is out of balance we cease to function at our best! We will evaluate your hormone levels and then develop an individualized program including weight management when necessary, nutritional supplementation, and restoration of human identical hormones to restore your body back to age appropriate hormonal balance and function. We will help you maintain a natural, balanced body chemistry to get you back to your peak function.

Learn More about bioidentical hormones and evaluation at:


Chronic Headaches??

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Heart Healthy News

Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has shown that Omega-3 Fatty Acids are vital to heart and cholesterol health.

This was a 2 year trial with 223 patients randomized to placebo or 1.5 grams of Fish Oil daily. The study showed that after 2 years the coronary artery disease patients taking fish oil capsules showed less progression and more regression of artery placque build-up !

They conclude that eating fish twice weekly  or taking fish oil concentrate can be a useful adjunct to the arsenal of treatments for the secondary prevention of heart disease. Imagine what it could help prevent if taken regularly prior to coronary artery disease establishing itself - true primary prevention! Hurray for nutrition!!!

Be careful if you have a damaged heart and an implanted defibrillator though - more than 2 grams of supplements daily can increase the rate of dangerous heart rhythm disturbances that can lead to firing of the pacemaker! In your case I would suggest eating only fish on a regular basis!

** DHEA helps men decrease abdominal Fat **

** New Obesity Findings Show Shortened Lifespan **

 Last revised: February 22, 2009