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Ear Care


Ear Cones / Ear Candles

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Ear Cones are a natural folk medicine art believed to be from China, Chekoslovakia, and Europe. This is a safe, simple, effective way to gently clean your ears once or twice a year without using harsh chemical wax softeners sold in pharmacies followed by the traditional water mess required to wash out the residue in the ear canal. These chemicals frequently cause ear canal irritation if overused requiring a trip to the doctor for another medication to treat the pain and inflammation.

A great cost saver for people who need to have their ears "washed" on a regular basis by a health care provider! Especially useful for people who wear ear plugs for work or hearing aids which tend to push the ear wax into the canal forming a wax buildup.

Key Benefits

bulletGentle and natural - no harsh chemicals!
bulletMuch Less Expensive than a Doctor visit to my office to "wash" your ears - treat all your family members!
bulletPleasurable sensation is reported by many users!

General Instructions:

    Some Supplies you will need:

  1. 2-4 Ear Cones per adult (smaller children may need only 1 for both ears)
  2. A Container of  Water
  3. A Person to Help you (NOT like our illustration)
  4. Aluminum foil pie pan
  5. Small knitting needle/chop stick/1 foot length of straight wire
  6. Matches or lighter
  7. Scissors

This is a 2 person procedure - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS BY YOURSELF!!!

Procedure: Put a hole in the aluminum pie tin large enough to insert about 3-4 inches of the cone through. This protects the head of the patient, and the hand of the assistant. Have the helper place the small end of the cone into the ear canal after lighting the large end. Position the cone in the canal for comfort - If smoke escapes from the lower end in the ear reposition the cone until none is seen. The patient should hear a gentle snapping and/or popping of the flame. Occasionally pull the tip out of the canal slightly and ensure that smoke is still exiting from the tip - if not, extinguish the flame by cutting  the burning area off of the large end of the cone using scissors and dropping it in the pan of water. After the flame is out, carefully remove the wax from the small tip end using a small knitting needle. Re-light the cone and allow it to burn until about 2 inches are left before the pie pan. Extinguish the burning end in water - do not blow it out. The first candling may require 2 cones per ear depending on the amount of wax in the canal!

Now proceed to the other ear with a fresh cone and repeat the procedure. If you are curious about the amount of wax removed, uncoil the ends of the used cones and look - you may be in for a surprise!

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Shipping and Handling: Our usual charge of 6.95 per order applies, but because ear candles are fragile to ship, additional shipping and handling charges of $5.00 per extra dozen beyond the first 12 candles will be added to assure safe arrival.

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