Welcome to formyhealth.com - my health improvement web site! I am a Family Physician in Decatur, Illinois. As a family doctor I provide care for most medical conditions, and I literally do that from conception to the grave!

To be more specific, I provide:

bulletPrenatal care for pregnant moms
bullet I deliver babies
bullet I care for infants
bulletI care for children
bulletI care for Teens
bulletI care for adults, and
bulletI care for older adults (geriatrics)

Basically, I'm the doctor that can care for you and your entire family!

I even still make a few house calls and visit nursing homes when one of my long term patients can't make it to the office to see me anymore! See the link below to my Practice Site for more details on what I love to do!

tompix2.tif (185990 bytes)I created this site as a safe place for my patients to start their educational quest toward health empowerment. I want my patients to take charge of their lives and their healthcare. There is a lot of information on the web about healthcare and alternative medicine and not all of it is useful, let alone safe. My goal for this web site is 1) to put educational articles I use in my practice out for general use, and 2) to list site links that offer research based or proven information.

As a Family Doctor I actively encourage health promotion and preventative care. I constantly encourage my patients to take charge of their own healthcare. I suggest complementary health practices and products when these are beneficial or may provide benefit without the side effects associated with the available prescription medications. However, I continue to use traditional western health practices and products when they are most appropriate. I hope you will adopt this enlightened view of your healthcare as you further your education!

Practice Site: As a Doctor I wear two hats: 1) I have a private medical practice in Decatur, Illinois with a group of family doctors and 2) I am an Assistant Professor with Southern Illinois University School of Medicine educating our next generation of Family Doctors at the Family Medicine Residency program in Decatur.

To Schedule an appointment with me please call 217-876-5800.

For more information about my practice:

Go to my Medical Practice Site Click Here:SIU Family Physicians

To help you in your educational quest, I will try to answer general supplementation and health questions placed on my "Ask the Doc" page. I will provide you with educational articles on a variety of medical topics and share medically and scientifically based reviews on the many available nutritional supplements so you will know what is medically useful and what is hype.

I can also provide you with specific nutritional supplements and health products. Please follow the links on individual pages or click on the navigation bar to your left. I only sell products where literature supports benefit in clinical use. The supplements I sell are of pharmaceutical quality - Pure Encapsulations is a leading supplier of supplements to pharmaceutical distributors in Germany and Austria. As a result, my prices will not always be the lowest you will find on the web - but YOU will get what YOU pay for with our superior quality controlled Pure Encapsulations supplements. I also have some unique medical supplies a cervical traction device for chronic headaches and hand rolled ear cones for natural ear wax removal.

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Our Mission,

  1. To guide you into the dimension of health care where YOU are in charge of YOUR lifestyle and YOUR healthcare.
  2. To encourage a healthy lifestyle which includes:
    bulletadoption of a preventative health promotion attitude.
    bulletadoption of sensible dietary habits and regular exercise.
  3. To encourage the adoption of a positive mental attitude.
  4. To encourage regular self-education about complementary health ideas and supplements to enhance your healthy life.
  5. To guide you to high quality health care products to improve you and your family member's health and lifestyle.

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