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Welcome to - a health improvement web site! Welcome also to my wellness practice. I am a Family Physician in Decatur, Illinois who has provided compassionate, comprehensive patient care in central Illinois for the past 17 years.

Family Medicine is the ideal Wellness Specialty!

Family Medicine encompasses the care of the entire person - not just parts of the body, and it also includes the entire family - male and female, child and adult.

Wellness results from the balance of inner health, emotional well being, and outward beauty. This exemplifies our motto:

Feel Your Best, Look Your Best, BE Your Best!!

Click to Jump to my Wellness Website - was created as a safe place for my patients to start their educational quest toward health empowerment. I want my patients to take charge of their lives and their healthcare. There is a lot of information on the web about healthcare and alternative medicine and not all of it is useful, let alone safe. My goal for this web site is 1) to put educational articles I use in my practice out for general use, and 2) to list site links that offer research based or proven information.

As a Family Doctor I actively encourage health promotion and preventative care. I constantly encourage my patients to take charge of their own healthcare. I suggest complementary health practices and products when these are beneficial, however, I continue to use traditional western health practices and products when they are most appropriate to your healthcare. I hope you will adopt this enlightened view of your healthcare as you further your education!

Please browse our site and learn about Hypnosis and its benefits as well as other beneficial complementary health practices and supplements.

To see my practice site, please click the link above or at the left as well.

Enjoy - here's to your good health!!